Stablo znanja (The Tree of Knowledge) is a project started by students with a goal of providing the basic tools and conditions necessary for realizing the creative potential of Croatian Youth and Students

Our vision

Our vision is to become the leading Tech Hub in Croatia that will act as a springboard for all students that want to establish a business or become initiators of social movements.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide students a place where they can learn, do group work, attend different seminars that we organize, and to chill out and socialize, free of charge.


What do we offer?

Platform for connecting people

If you are looking for partners in a project, organizing seminars or you need a space to collaborate on your startup, Stablo Znanja has many initatives and the staff are here to help. Stablo znanja is a platform that connects many different students and we aspire to encourage young people in Croatia to be proactive in both the startup scene and in social spheres.

Stablo Znanja Gaming
Stablo Znanja learning
Programing Stablo Znanja


Make your reservation

Reserve our space, our high performing computers, or our green screen studio. First choose what you would like to reserve then fill out the form.

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